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Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio May 2 2013

Ron Siegel discusses: Impact of Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction Varies Geographically More than 1 in 4 Working Renters Face Severe Housing Costs FOMC Raps Obama, Congress as it continues MBS Purchase Program Stupid College Liberal activist fakes rape threat from a conservative and gets caught Feds spend $4 million for food stamps at farmers markets […]

Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio Apr 29 2013

Ron Siegel discusses: How do I get financially ready to buy a new house Ways to avoid identity theft on social media networks Tips for buying the right insurance After Bankruptcy, new credit cards Ron Siegel, consumer advocate and mortgage lender, discusses anything that affects the roof over your head, your bank account or other […]

Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio Apr 26 2013

Ron Siegel discusses: Statistics about print advertising to sell Real Estate How much will you lose by selling your home on your own versus an agent? Celebration – Texas Style at the Bush Library Hostess Twinkies are comin back Obamacare Officials expemted from furloughs Bush policies alive in the Obama White House Per Person, DHS […]