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Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio July 11 2013

Ron Siegel is joined by Tom Borsuk, Noah Burford and Lisa Swartz to discuss: Mortgage Minute: 5 Must-Know Facts about Reverse Mortgages Your Credit Matters: Public Utilities Commission fudges the numbers Word on Wealth: Senate Fails to keep student loan rates low Elliott Spitzer, Anthony Weiner… Can anybody other than a Conservative get elected for […]

Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio July 2 2013

Ron Siegel discusses: Mortgage Minute: Discussing the Strategy of increasing your interest rate to LOWER your monthly payment Real Time Real Estate: Money-Saving tips for Homeowners Your Credit Matters: The SBA Secret that all small business owners Should Know 5 Unique Ways to Stay Cool during your Outside Festivities this Summer Mortgage Interest Rates: Where […]

Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio June 26 2013

Ron Siegel is joined by Robert Mott and Mel Aclaro to discuss: Mortgage Minute: Senators Introduce Bill to replace GSEs in 5 years Your Credit Matters: College loans gouging graduates Word on Wealth: Global Warming? Temperature up ‘Very Close to Zero’ over 15 years What is Screencasting and who can benefit from it? Can I […]

Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio June 21 2013

Ron Siegel is joined by Scott McGuire to discuss: Mortgage Minute: Mortgage Rates pull back after six consecutive increases Real Time Real Estate: RealtyTrac: 1 in 5 Foreclosures vacated by owner Word on Wealth: FHFA: 45% of HARP Refis in Q1 were for underwater borrowers Why Fidelity with 30 other title companies What is Senate […]

Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio May 16 2013

Ron Siegel is joined by Tucker Watkins to  discuss: The Confident Retirement Approach Covering Financial Essentials Preparing for the Unexpected Ensuring Lifestyle Leaving a Legacy Scandals in Washington DC Financial Planning with Reverse Mortgages Loan Mod, Short Sales outpace Foreclosure Sales 2:1 in the First Quarter 2013 10 Worst States for Retirement Feds spend $160k […]