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Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio June 10 2013

Ron Siegel is joined by Brandon Brittingham to discuss: IRS Scandals The Bystander-in-Chief Edward Snowden: Traitor or Patriot after he leaks NSA Report info $332 Million in bonus for Government Employers New Employment report Who is the Elected Official dealing with our economy Patience Equity from Purchasing a Short Sale Freddie Mac Loan Mod program […]

Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio June 3 2013

Ron Siegel discusses: The IRS Scandel Will closing Gitmo make our enemies like us? TV Ratings of MSNBC fall below HLN in May, Rachel Maddow hits new lows IRS Spent $50 million on conferences over the last two years Rate Shock: In California, Obamacare to increase Individual Health Insurance Premiums by 64-146% Your Credit Matters: […]