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Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio Apr 18 2013

Ron Siegel discusses: New Jobless Claims Senator Max Baucus’ comments about Obamacare beign a Train Wreck Gun Amendment and Politicians being controlled by Special Interests on most matters     How different Generatioons See the Value of Home Ownership Why Housing Affordability is at Risk How to Work through $150,000 in Student Loan Debt Differing Car Loan […]

Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio Apr 17 2013

Ron Siegel, Melinda Johnson and Robert Mott discuss: Politicizing The Boston Tragedy – Steny Hoyer and Xavier Becerra Rose wines and White Zinfadel The mistake of White Zinfandel Psst. Tax Deadling not much of a deadline fo most Is now the Time Sell your House Are there really over 1.5 Million Homes Ready to hit […]

Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio Apr 16 2013

Ron Siegel, Sandi Phillips, Mark Parnell and Robert Mott discuss: The Bombing at the Boston Marathon Comments from the FBI and other leaders in Boston 4 Ways to Boost your Emergency Fund Ron Siegel, consumer advocate and mortgage lender, discusses anything that affects the roof over your head, your bank account or other items that […]

Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio Apr 15 2013

Ron Siegel discusses: Are Reverse Mortgages getting tougher to obtain 100 Anniversary of Tax Day Americans spend $168 billion and 6 billion hours to prepare 140 million personal tax returns with an estimated 3 million errant returns Studying the President’s taxes What should we do with our Tax Refunds Tax Day Freebies How the Student […]

Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio Apr 12 2013

Ron Siegel discusses: The Federal Debt & Deficit in understandable terms Margaret Thatcher speaking of Socialists: “You don’t care if poor get poorer so as the rich get poorer too” Tax Day is coming – $2.7 Trillion to be collected but close to $3.7 Trillion budgeted to spend Obamacare Navigators Advocacy Groups Call for National […]