Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio July 10 2013
Ron Siegel Radio
Ron Siegel Radio
Published on July 10, 2013
Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio July 10 2013

Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio July 10 2013

Ron Siegel discusses:

  • Mortgage Minute: Ben Bernankes speaks after the market close today and it should be very revealing.  Be ware of the Fed induced Market Bubble on the horizon
  • Real Time Real Estate: Shadow inventory falls 34% from 2010 peak
  • Your Credit Matters:
  • Word on Wealth: Financial Troubles increase for households in June
  • California Senator Lara takes aim at non-profit your organizations.  Should kids be used as pawns for Political Correctness?
  • Wal-Mart says it will pull out of DC if they are targeted by the City Council… Really?  Good for Wal-Mart and free enterprise
  • US House wants to actually cut a part of the IRS Budget.  It's about time.
  • What do Wine Point Ratings mean?
  • Should I follow the Wine Spectator or Wine Advocate and why?
  • Should I avoid wines with a rating under 90 points
  •  47% of Bankers expect Mortgage delinquencies to decrease
  • USA # in education spending but not in results
  • Senate Democrats divided over Student Loans… Kids lose

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