Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio Sept 12 2013
Ron Siegel Radio
Ron Siegel Radio
Published on September 12, 2013
Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio Sept 12 2013

Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio Sept 12 2013

Ron Siegel is joined by Scott Duffy to discuss:

  • Mortgage Minute: California town proceeds with Eminent Domain  Plan to Seize Mortgages
  • Real Time Real Estate: Things All Buyers Should Keep in Mind
  • Word on Wealth: What if You Can't Pay Your Taxes?
  • Dem on Dem on Dem Violence - DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz offers curt comments about President Jimmy Carter's comments
  • Big Labor is now putting out statements that Obamacare is highly disruptive to job creation
  • Jobless Claims dropped to the lowest level since 2000
  • The Labor Department reports the number of Americans Filing for first-time unemployment benefits
  • AFL-CIO calls ObamaCare 'highly disruptive' to union health plans
  • Citi Plans to Lay Off 2,200 in Mortgage Unit
  • You've had the chance to work for and around a lot of great entrepreneurs (guys like Richard Branson, Tony Robbin), what have you gleaned
  • What have you learned from your participation in the launches of CBSports, FoxSports and NBC
  • What is the most important job for any entrepreneur
  • What is Hammer and Nail Syndrome?
  • Keep Yours Eyes Up?  What is that?
  • Start your business plan with the end first
  • New Book: Launch! 90 Days from Idea to Market


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