Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio Nov 20 2013
Ron Siegel Radio
Ron Siegel Radio
Published on November 20, 2013
Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio Nov 20 2013

Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio Nov 20 2013

Ron Siegel is joined by Robert Mott of La Quinta CA for a live radio broadcast from Anaheim CA to discuss:


  • The Labor Department reports consumer prices fell 0.1% in October, while economists expected the number to remain unchanged. Excluding food and energy, prices rose 0.1%, matching expectations. The Labor Department noted, due to the government shutdown, the sample used to calculate last month's index was 75% of the amount usually used.
  • The Commerce Department reports retail sales rose 0.4% in October, slightly above estimates of a 0.1% increase. Excluding the auto segment, sales were up 0.2%, versus the 0.1% bump expected.
  • Consumer Prices Fall Unexpectedly in October _ Fox Business
  • HURT_ Obama is a greater threat than Toronto’s crack mayor Rob Ford – Washington Times
  • Per Henry Chao - Fed IT Officer: ACA website still has about 60-70% to be built
  • David Kennedy - Cyber Security Consultant / Hacker advised , while in hearing one of his hacker friends found an additional 30 methods of hacking.  This is also an access point to get into other agencies since this is a hub
  • CBS poll: President Obama, Obamacare hit record lows
  • How to Know When’s the Best Time to Buy a Home
  • Retirement Planning: All in the Family
  •  Rules to Follow this Holiday Shopping Season
  • Creative Ways to Give Gift Cards
  • Discount on Apple Products
  • Mortgage Minute: Down Payments Continue to Decline in Third Quarter
  • Real Time Real Estate: Housing Picks Up Steam with Little Regard for Changing of the Seasons
  • Your Credit Matter: CFPB Finalizes ‘Know Before You Owe’ Mortgage Disclosures
  • What do Perfumes and Colognes have to do with Wine tasting
  • Isn't Chablis just a cheap White Wine… You might be surprised
  • What are the different types of Rieslings


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