Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio Nov 15 2013
Ron Siegel Radio
Ron Siegel Radio
Published on November 15, 2013
Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio Nov 15 2013

Ron Siegel Home & Finance Radio Nov 15 2013

Ron Siegel is joined by Manny Moumdjian of Irvine CA for a live radio broadcast from Anaheim CA to discuss:

  • The Commerce Department reports U.S. import prices saw the biggest drop since April, falling 0.7% in October, while economists expected prices to fall just 0.4%. Export prices, meanwhile, fell 0.5%, while economists expected prices to instead rise 0.1%.
  • The New York Federal Reserve reports manufacturing activity in the region contracted unexpectedly in November. The Empire State Manufacturing gauge fell in November to -2.21 from 1.52 in October, missing expectations it would rise to 5.
  • Obamacare Update
  • How does an insurance company take 3 years to adhere to the law and change back over night
  • Per SCOTUS - ObamaCare is aTax on the young and healthy in favor of older and sicker
  • At least one group of Americans loves ObamaCare
  • Snapshot of the Affordable Care Act for Realtors and Other Professionals
  • Fair Housing Group Broadens Discrimination Complaint Against BofA
  • Tricks from Scammers and Shammers…Don't Become a Victim
  • Mortgage Minute: Borrowers Refinancing in Q3 Expected to Save $6B Next Year
  • Real Time Real Estate: Homes Selling Faster Than Previous Year
  • Your Credit Matter: How to Use the Grace Period to Avoid Paying Interest
  • Why does a company need business credit
  • Is it lucrative for most business owners to use their personal credit to fund their business
  • What is better for a business internationally, a Social Security Number or DUNS Number
  • Is it better to pay off a credit card prior to the closing date of a statement or upon receipt of the statement

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